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Homeowners - New energy buy back incentive for your solar energy. Get paid for green energy you sell back to the grid. See if you qualify:

Homeowners - Large government incentives still available on Air Source Heat Pumps. Get paid for the next 7 years to go green. See if you qualify:

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Simply complete the form to find out how the Government backed solar energy incentive could work for you.

Simply complete the form to find out how the Government incentives could work for you.

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New energy buy back plan now available

UK homeowners looking to install Solar PV systems can now benefit from the new Government backed energy buy back plan.

Benefit from cheaper, greener energy. Sell excesses back to the grid at a guaranteed rate. Join 1000's of UK homeowners who are already benefiting from solar.

Large government incentives now available

The government have launched a 7 year tax free incentive available for homeowners switching from fossil fuel boilers to an Air Source Heat Pump

As with past green incentives this is likely to be available for a limited time only.

Our installation teams are fully government approved under MCS. We can explain how this works, check if you qualify and explain the benefits.

Choosing Green Fuel Solutions

The team behind Green Fuel Solutions have been proving both businesses and domestic customers Renewable Energy products for over 20 years offering solar panel installations, battery power bank storage and Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

We understand that taking the jump to green can occasionally be concerning, with questions such as:

'How much are solar panels and ASHPs?'
'Will they be too expensive?'
'Are they efficient enough for MY needs?'
'Will they REALLY work in the winter?'

Green Fuel Solutions understand the technology and capabilities of all their products and can offer you support every step of the way.

  • Expert advice
  • Friendly service
  • All installations come with an insurance backed 10 year warranty
  • Fully installed to meet and exceed government MCS requirements
  • Installations carried out nationwide
  • Make your own electricity and lower your bills
  • Add value to your home
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Gain a tax free income
  • Own your solar system outright
  • Battery Storage - for solar energy day and night
  • Have heating and hot water all year round
  • Add value to your home
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Gain a tax free income

Energy buy-back

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published a consultation on a ‘Smart Export Guarantee’. This put forward the proposal that government should require suppliers to pay small-scale low-carbon generators for the electricity they export to the grid.

Right now, energy companies are paying homeowners producing solar energy for the power that they produce. There are guaranteed rates of return with either minimal or no commitment.

Contact us to get a free consultation and quote to find out more.

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ASHP Incentive:

The government has launched the renewable heat incentive (rhi) for homeowners looking to switch from fossil fuel boilers to sir source heat pumps. This is a tax free 7 year payment similar to the FIT payments for solar.

The aim is to reduce carbon emissions from heating by making Air Source Heat Pumps cost effective.

Contact us to see if you qualify and receive a free design and quotation.

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Carys with Solar Panel

From large scale commercial to small domestic properties, all our installations meet Government MCS requirements and come with a 10 year insurance backed warranty.

Quick and easy installations

  • Solar systems are prepared before they reach your home meaning minimal fuss and disruption. Most installations being completed in less than a day.
  • You can monitor the output of your solar installation, but other than that, your system will be virtually maintenance free.
  • Our installers are Government MCS approved to ensure you qualify for your payments.
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Professionally installed by our own installation teams

  • Air Source Heat Pumps are usually straightforward to install and we will explain any upgrades required to your existing system.
  • Our modern systems are designed to work with both radiators and underfloor heating systems so are ideal for existing properties.
  • With easy to use controls, they are simple to operate for the homeowner.
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